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**Joan, Becky, Charisse, Vanessa, Yassmin, Susan, Corinna & Andrew have evening and/or Saturday appointments available.
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  • Joan Mullinax

    Joan has a lifetime of experience supporting people in building the lives they love and developing resilience in the face of life's challenges. Joan's specialties are career development, self acceptance, healthy relationships, and grief and loss. Joan is a poster child for resilience and positive career change.
  • Amber Gray

    Amber works with individuals and couples to overcome anxiety, depression, life transitions, behavioral challenges and relationship concerns. Amber specializes in helping couples reconnect to the love that first brought them together; helping them understand their problems, improve their communication, and work as a team towards solutions.
  • Becky Reiter

    becky reiter

    Becky specializes in working with adults in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief and loss, trauma, EMDR therapy, LGBT issues, and relationships issues. She is known for her skills in working with all types of anxiety - social anxiety, general worry, panic, or other types of fears.
  • Charisse Ferrer

    Charisse Ferrer
    Charisse's focus is working with individuals, couples, and teens ( 15 +) who struggle with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, indecisiveness and relationship issues. Her non-judgmental and open-minded approach is invaluable to many. Charisse also offers marriage and premarital counseling and is a provider for Twogether in Texas.
  • Alexandra Marshall

    Alexandra's focus is on helping you develop self-confidence, cope with feelings of anxiety, emotional eating, loneliness and isolation, and manage major life transitions such as changing careers or becoming a parent. Alexandra is also skilled in DBT therapy and providing emotional support and coping skills to parents of young children.
  • Yassmin Eldouh

    <imgYassmin's passion is to help adults & teens (13 +) gain the coping skills they need to face life's hurdles head on and to live their most authentic lives. Yassmin's specialties are eating disorders, body image, anxiety disorders, multicultural counseling, and addiction. Yassmin works with the client to help them discover what they need to ease some of their pain. Yassmin is fluent in English and Arabic.
  • Vanessa Guidry

    Vanessa works with children, teens, young adults and families. She helps with behavioral concerns, emotional stress such as anxiety, anger and depression, building esteem and relationships, as well as coping with life's changes such as a change in family structure or moving schools. Vanessa also has specialized experience in grief counseling and working with trauma. 
  • Corinna Collins

    <img Corinna's experience includes counseling individuals, couples and families in the area of marriage and relationship counseling, addictions, parenting issues, mood disorders, substance abuse, divorce, single parenting, blended families, and anger management. She also offers Premarital Couples Assessments. As a Certified Mediator, Corinna is available for conflict mediation and family interventions. Corinna is fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Susan Battle

    Susan is an EMDR therapist who specializes in working with clients who have Trauma/PTSD and Addictions (substance abuse and process addictions such as sex addiction). In addition to her expertise in trauma and addictions, Susan also works with anxiety, depression, food issues and chronic medical conditions. Susan is passionate about helping trauma survivors not only survive their experiences but realizing that they can move past their experiences and THRIVE! 
  • Andrew Tessmer

    Andrew Tessmer Counselor
    Andrew specializes in working with LGBTQ+ concerns, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, perfectionism, social skills, procrastination / motivation, career counseling, and adult ADD/ADHD. His approach focuses on exploring what makes each individual thrive, providing empathy and understanding, free from judgment and societal expectations.

  • Rachel Eddins

    rachel eddins
    Rachel’s passion is to help people achieve self-acceptance, create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body, and find meaning and fulfillment in work and life roles. Her specialty is binge eating and overeating. She is known for helping people feel at ease with themselves and discover what really creates purpose and happiness in their lives.
  • Casey Radle

    casey radle

    Casey's specialty is helping people find self-worth and heal from anxiety, depression, trauma, and low self-esteem. She is known for being exceptionally empathic, observant, and uplifting.



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